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A Simple Premise


After the headline, the most precious part of your website is the content. To draw visitors to your site, to convert those visitors into satisfied customers, and maintain them as dedicated fans and ambassadors, you need to develop compelling content.
First, you must understand what your audience wants. This simple premise is where businesses succeed or fail. It is also the most overlooked aspect of most marketers. Once you understand what your audience wants, its all a matter of conforming your message to that audience.
That does not mean you try to sell Brussels sprouts to shoppers who are looking for pistachio ice cream. As the old saying goes, you can’t fit a square peg into a round hole. And consequently, you can’t sell products to a market that has no need for it.
So, you have a product or service that you are convinced will change people’s lives; now what? You have to craft your offer in such a way that the audience looking for your product or offer hears it, and can find it. Craft your offer so that your audience hears about it, is excited about it, and is compelled to take action.

Understanding Your Audience

Well there’s nothing hard about that you might be thinking. Trust me, until you understand your audience and can think like they do you are looking at failure. Researching your audience is the next step. This requires defining the personas that fit your audience. And the way you define your audience is through research. In today’s world of social media and Google, researching your audience is as easy as visiting a website.
Once you have defined your audience, you must frame your story so that it fits the worldviews and understandings of your audience. You tell your story in a way that relates to the worldview of the audience. Framing develops a connection with the audience. It gives your audience the sense of familiarity that cultivates trust and confidence in your product. Framing your content to meet your audience’s needs is the key to content that sells.

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